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Microdosing Edibles

Edibles, or food in general, is one of my favorite subjects!

We all know the marijuana industry, both medical and recreational, has grown tremendously the last few years.  The edible market in particular has seen a surge in sales. There are several reasons for this including a new submarket, that I am quite interested in - microdosing.  This new market caters to the women, and in particular, mothers and middle aged women who want to be able to enjoy the benefits but in a discrete manner.

No longer does consuming edibles have to include a terrible tasting product or end in a bad experience.  With old school edibles (why was it always brownies?) we did not know what to expect in regards to the potency of the product, what strain was in it to know what to effects to expect, and it was probably not well known many years ago that the liver processes the plant differently when ingested than it does when smoking it.

Today’s edible market has matured as the cannabis industry has grown.  The quality of the edible and the variety of edibles offered have been the catalyst for the growth of the market.  Regulations and laws have also played a part in the growth as most labels are required to be clearly marked with the potency of the product. Additionally,  the plants used to create the products have gone through rigorous lab testing and are of a higher quality than ever before. Knowing the potency of the edible allows us to be able to plan activities according to what we are consuming.  A few trusted and reputable brands have emerged in the market and have so far been able to overcome the hurdles of distribution. Expect to see these items to be available on dispensary shelves in Michigan shortly.

Edibles may be a more popular choice among novice consumers, or those returning to plant who want the experience and to be able to reap the benefits of the plant, but do not want to smoke it.  Edibles can be a discreet way to consume and to be able to manage your consumption through the day. When diving into the world of edibles it is important to understand how your edibles are labeled, and that each state may have different  limits as to how much TCH a dose may contain, and how much the entire container may contain.  In Michigan the upper limit for medical marijuana products, both edible and as a beverage is 50 mg per serving and 500 mg per container. The processor must pre-package and properly label marijuana infused products before sale or transfer.

Cost and value may be a consideration for some people, and edibles can be a better value than flower because of the way the liver processes the THC.  The THC is transformed to a much more powerful and longer lasting molecule, creating a different experience than when smoking cannabis. Because of the way your body reacts to the THC, edible producers suggest you start with a very low dose to see how you react to it, and then increase as needed.  The recommended dosage to begin with is 2.5 mg of THC. Pay attention to what you have consumed so that you can avoid having a bad experience. If you think that one treat was not quite enough and you try another before you should have, breathe, stay hydrated and sleep, and above all else, remember that no one has died from weed.

Another trend with marijuana, and other drugs as well, is to microdose the drug to be able to experience benefits without any of the adverse side effects or impairment.  This is also a way to be medicated evenly throughout the day.

The recent announcement that the creator of Jelly Belly’s, David Klein, has gotten back into the candy bean market by launching a new company Spectrum Confections is what made me really start thinking about microdising as an option.  These new jelly beans are infused with CBD and come in 38 flavors including roasted marshmallow, pina colada, and strawberry cheesecake. There is even a sugar free version! Don’t expect to get your hands on these new treats any time soon, as a recent visit to the website showed that all products are sold out, but if you would like to know when they are back in stock you may submit your email address to receive a notification.  These jelly beans are the newest in the microdosing trend, “The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage,” explained Klein.

While researching different edible companies, and in particular those that  offer products with lower TCH content, I often came across Kiva Confections.  Kiva offers an infused blueberry covered with a rich, silky chocolate which sounds incredible.  In addition to the blueberries they also carry chocolate covered espresso beans called Terra Bites.  I cannot think of a better combination! These confections are a win - win for beginners and those who do not want to draw attention to themselves.  The small dose will not overwhelm the beginner and to obtain a really good buzz you would have to eat handfuls. They are so discreet that no one would bat an eye if you were to pull the package out of your handbag to share with your friend.  

Other brands that were frequently mentioned included Garden Society, Cloud Confections and Mellows.  Garden Society was created to provide products to relieve pain, alleviate stress, and to enable us to live our lives more fully.  Garden Society products are low-dose cannabis confections including Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili and Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt.  Cloud Confections are low dose edibles which help you enjoy a more consistent enjoyable experience with the understanding that edibles should be loved, not feared. Cloud confections also produces chocolate covered blueberries and espresso beans.  Mellows is of course, low-dose handcrafted marshmallows with flavors from the more traditional Birthday Cake and Cookies & Cream, to the more savory of Black Sesame and Brown Butter Sage.

The edible market has exploded to include everything from gummies, to gourmet confections, hot chips and simple butters and oils.  When trying edibles for the first time, ask for recommendations from your budtender, look for a well known source, and take it slow to be able to enjoy all day.

Connie Maxim-Sparrow