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Medical and Recreational Cannabis Consulting Services - Let’s get you licensed!

Sparrow Consulting, LL C provides both entrepreneurs and municipalities public affairs, business development, land management and use, and legal expertise to local governments, developer, and entrepreneurs interested in entering the medicinal/recreational cannabis economy. Sparrow Consulting, LLC is the fastest growing consulting firm in the Midwest. Consulting in 6 different states including Michigan, Oregon, Arizona, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, just to name a few, Sparrow Consulting, LLC provides client support with a small business feel, while still expanding into a national spotlight.  

Whether you are a local unit of government or a medicinal/recreational marijuana entrepreneur, Sparrow Consulting can help you move your plan forward. When business and government come together for strong, safe effective solutions, that brings all residents much needed economic development, high paying jobs and local revenues to support local school districts, road improvements and much more.

Medical/Recreational Cannabis Entrepreneurs

  • No ordinance?

    • Do you want to work in a certain location but there isn't an ordinance allowing licensed facilities, our Public Affairs experts can help you begin and continue conversations with local units of government to enact ordinances that support facility license.

  • Need a business plan?

    • Do you love to grow, but aren't business minded? Do you have an investor, but aren't sure what your operations and start up costs are, Sparrow Consulting, LL C provides entrepreneurs with economic and business development services to ensure your corporations success in the years to come.

  • Can't find a bank that will work with you?

    • Are you worried about developing a banking relationship for your business? Sparrow Consulting, LL C has already lobbied to establish banking relationships with banks in Michigan. We can help you negotiate agreements to provide banking services to your medical marijuana facility.

  • How do I operate this facility?

    • Are you not sure how to ramp up your growing facility to commercial level, let our process engineers and operations experts assist you with site development.

  • There are so many guidelines, we don't even have the rule book yet?

    • Are you worried about following the rules and being in compliance with the local laws, let our risk management, compliance, and safety professionals implement a strong compliance plan for your corporation.

  • I just need help with my application!

    • Do you need help preparing a facility application? Sparrow Consulting, LL C has legal experts on staff to help you craft a successful application to further your cannabis entrepreneurial dreams.

Local Government Services

  • Pass an ordinance?

    • Are you being approached by Cannabis Entrepreneurs requesting license applications either medicinal or recreational laws enacted in your state? Let us help you develop a safe and effective land management and use planning strategy that bring economic development to your community.

  • What does it all mean?

    • Are you struggling to understand the law and how it pertains to your local codes and zoning? Our experts will be able to assist local code enforcement, zoning officials, and planning professionals with supportive code and zoning plans that support and spur Cannabis economic development. From urban planning to licensing compliance, Sparrow Consulting, LLC is a resources for any local unit of government.

  • What's the Cannabis Economy!

    • Are elected officials curious about the economic impact medicinal or recreational cannabis in your city, village, or township. Are you interested in learning the impact and benefits your community could receive? Sparrow Consulting, LL C has completed comprehensive, local, state, and national economic impact assessments that will help to inform local elected officials on the potential economic development a village, township, or city could expect to see.

  • I want to engage the public!

    • Are you struggling with public outreach and education, is the public engaged, but not informed. Are you receiving backlash or public concerns that are impairing your council's ability to make educated decision? Let our Public Information professional help you inform local residents on the law, potential opportunity, and foster public conversations on the best interests of your municipality.

  • We need a compliance plan!

    • Do you struggle with staff capacity, would your local unit of government like to enact ordinances to support medical or recreational cannabis facilities, but you don't think you have the staffing to ensure compliance? With experts specializing in risk management, compliance, safety and the law, Sparrow Consulting LLC can help you develop a compliance program that requires little staff time, but ensure adequate compliance activity.

 Staff have over 30 years of experience working at the federal, state, and local government level specializing in public and court administration, finance and economic development. Staff expertise includes legal, accounting, tax liability, urban planning, project management, site development, marketing, advertising, brand management, property acquisition, commercial real estate and so much more. Sparrow Consulting LLC has amassed an incredible team of passionate, customer oriented team members committed to supporting the cannabis economy. The combination of public administration, legal, and economic development expertise allows an intermediary service provider who can present the case for both municipalities searching for safe economic development while support local entrepreneurs who are interested in creating jobs, contributing to the local economy, and helping to support local schools and local cities, townships and villages. 

Sparrow Consulting, LL C believes that careful diligence combined with public information sharing provide local communities clear understanding of the laws, local impact, and economic benefits will empower new and emerging economic development that empowers communities to thrive. With clients across the State, Sparrow Consulting, LL C is working with local elected officials, entrepreneurs, community members, and economic developers to bring safe ordinances to local units of government while providing advocacy and public affairs services to entrepreneurs looking for a place to call home. If you are a local unit of government or a cannabis entrepreneur, let Sparrow Consulting, LL C help you find solutions for local community economic impact! 

Sparrow Consulting, LLC and it’s clients are proud members of the Michigan Canna Coalition Association, Michigan’s first non-profit, trade association. The Michigan Canna Coalition Association supports equal access and social equity within the development of the cannabis economy, ensuring all people have the opportunity to become a member of this new and emerging industry, nationwide! Check out the Coalition at


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