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Planning for your organization? Let us hatch your plan!

Sparrow Consulting is a comprehensive business consulting firm that serves a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations. With expert staff specializing in the fields of organization development, public administration, grant funding and financing, risk management, strategic planning, occupational health and safety, emergency management and strategic planning, Sparrow Consulting can help you hatch you plan.

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Areas of Expertise


Sparrow Consulting specializes in emergency management throughout a variety of disciplines. With over 20 years of professional emergency management experience, hatching your organization’s plan is feasible. From continuity of operations to emergency response, Sparrow Consulting provides subject matter experts that meet industry standards of excellence, bringing best practices to your door step. 

Occupational Health and Safety

Sparrow Consulting provides a wide variety of occupational health and safety consulting services. Every company has a requirement of safety, whether it's hazardous and cautious materials, or proper lifting technique. Sparrow Consulting can provide behavior based safety that protects everyone within the working environment. From healthcare to retail, Sparrow Consulting has over 25 years of risk managment, compliance, and occupational health and safety experience. Program development, worker's compensation, return to work programs, Powered Industrial Truck programs, Sparrow Consulting can assess, identify, plan for, and implement occupational health and safety programs that will ensure everyone in your organization is safe. 

Fund Development

In meeting the ever-changing fund development needs of private, public, and non-profit organizations searching for sustainable funding opportunities. Grant experts specializing in local, regional, state and federal grant funding application development, grant management, and administration have over 25 years of experience in helping to diversify organizational funding support. 

capacity building

Capacity is the biggest challenge a growing organization may face. Is it the chicken or the egg? A common question that most leaders face when trying to expand their business or non-profit mission. Sparrow Consulting specializes in securing the resources you need to get the job down. From human capital to financial capital, Sparrow Consulting finds the resources that help bring solutions to support moving your mission forward.  

Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis

Are you interested in becoming part of the medicinal or recreational Cannabis economy? Are you a local unit of government interested in opting into a state medical or recreational system? Sparrow Consulting, LLC represents both municipalities and Cannabis Entrepreneurs nationwide. From public affairs to state and local licensing support, we can help you through the local and state process. 


Is your organization struggling with  strategic steps towards growth. Regardless of business type, Sparrow Consulting specializes in planning your organizations next steps. Every organization should have a robust strategic plan. Are you trying to implement a new program or community service, strategic program planning and development is key to any organizations success. 



It takes just as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
— Eleanor Roosevelt