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3.2 Million Dollars Anticipated in Muskegon County

$3.23 Million Dollars Anticipated for Muskegon County

Sparrow Consulting is proud to announce investments in anticipation of Egelston Township Ordinance Adoption for Medical Marijuana

Egelston Township, Michigan, February 1, 2018– Sparrow Consulting is proud to announce client commitments of more than $3.2 million dollars in economic development in Egelston Township.

“Sparrow Consulting is very proud of client commitments to support Egelston Township economic development. In just 5 short months, passionate local entrepreneurs have created 8 new medical marijuana facility startups, it’s very exciting!” – Connie Maxim-Sparrow, Principal, Sparrow Consulting, LLC 

Sparrow Consulting expanded its scope of services to Medical Marijuana entrepreneurs in September of 2017. A fledgling woman owned small business, just one year old, Sparrow Consulting has found a new way to bring economic prosperity to Muskegon County. Sparrow Consulting was born out of Connie Maxim-Sparrow’s attempt at helping with Muskegon County budget problems in 2016. In an effort to help save lower wage positions in the County, Connie offered to resign her position as Grants Coordinator for the County and become an independent contractor, launching Sparrow Consulting, LLC shortly after. In just 17 short months, Sparrow Consulting has added 3 staff positions to support the Medical Marijuana Industry in West Michigan.

In anticipation of Egelston Township’s potential adoption of the first MMFLA ordinance in Muskegon County, only the 2nd township in Western Michigan, Sparrow Consulting, LLC and its clients are pleased to announce $3.2 million dollars in professional services and land acquisition and development contracts. Beyond immediate economic investment, it’s anticipated that Sparrow Consulting, LLC clients will create more than 39 full-time positions, all at a living wage, as well as 47 long-term construction positions for land development activities scheduled to take place in the next 6 months.

Highlights of anticipated economic development in Egelston township should the township opt-in include 37 acres of new land development, 2 new construction retail storefronts added to the Apple Ave Corridor, 1 full remodel of a retail storefront on the Apple Ave corridor, 1 blighted home will be torn down, and over 75,000 sq. ft. of state of the art industrial space will be built. All professional services are provided by Muskegon County professionals, all construction contracts will consider Muskegon County vendors first, a majority of the local jobs will be filled by Muskegon County residents. Sparrow Consulting, LLC is proud to have clients committed to creating a strong economy in Egelston Township and Muskegon County. Growing local ensures that the local economy is the primary benefactor of any business development, Sparrow Consulting, LLC clients live, work, and play, in West Michigan!

“We are very excited to bring a new and emerging industry to the Muskegon area, Inferno Gardens looks forward to supporting the community while creating jobs, new tax revenue, and land development to the residents of Egelston Township!” –  Jesse Sproat, CEO, Inferno Gardens

Sparrow Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned small business located in Norton Shores, Michigan. Let us hatch your plan!

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