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Change the world by all means necessary!

It's been a year now, Sparrow Consulting has been operational for 14 months. In that time, contracts and clients have come and gone. The world of planning, the definition of planning, for Sparrow Consulting staff has changed dramatically.  The numbers and types of projects have changed. Sometimes a business must adapt to change. Strategic thinking is necessary to ensure agility and adaptability in an ever-changing global economy. 

Sparrow Consulting is excited to support the Michigan Cannabis Economy.  Pioneering a new industry is exciting. As we watch legalization take place across the nation, each state uniquely different, you realize that there is an entire industry developing. Here at Sparrow Consulting, our nest of employees is busy crafting plans that will bring local entrepreneurs to the table in Michigan Cannabis.  The cannabis economy is happening, stopping it is futile, too much money to be made. Sparrow Consulting is taking a proactive approach, influencing the planning process and promoting economic development that supports local communities.  Crafting a fine balance of good neighbors, good business, and even better community development. 

As the State of Michigan moves forward on compliance and licensure, Sparrow Consulting is committed to a foundation of public health, safety, compliance, and liability. Ensuring that clients are served in a way that brings benefit and partnership to the communities we serve. There can be a fine balance, are you willing to learn what the balance may be? Are you comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone and thinking pragmatically? What is your goal? At Sparrow Consulting, we believe that you change the world, by all means necessary. Michigan Cannabis is a means that makes sense!