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Consuelo Maxim-Sparrow - Founder/Principal

Consuelo Maxim-Sparrow - Founder/Principal


Connie is the founder of Sparrow Consulting, and serves a principal for the organization.  With over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of service areas, Connie has had the opportunity to experience many areas of business and public administration. Known best for her talent in writing, Connie has secured over 40 million dollars in grant funds to support healthcare, urban planning, blight elimination, safety, emergency management, port development, transportation, recreation, public health, and community development. With an average grant capture rate of 86%, Connie is a demonstrated grant administrator who is committed to moving a fund development plan forward. 

Beyond grant administration and fund development, Connie has spent several years in risk and emergency management, occupational health and safety, emergency medical services, risk management, compliance, and accreditation, just to name a few. With certification from Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Engagement Agency, Michigan OSHA, and many more, Connie has a demonstrated record of excellence in providing the best services possible. 

Connie has emerged as an Opinion Leader in the national medical and recreational cannabis industry. Featured in publications like Marijuana Business Daily and High Times, Connie and her team are the fastest growing cannabis consulting firm in the Midwest. Connie has helped to establish more than 35 different cannabis businesses in more than 5 states As the Cannabis Economy expands nationwide, Connie has emerged as one of the only female owned businesses thriving in Michigan, while making a fierce entrance to the national stage. Connie and her husband were the founder of the Michigan Canna Coalition Association, Michigan's premiere trade organization for the Cannabis Economy. 

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From counties to courts, lake improvement boards to floating wetlands, Sparrow Consulting has provided comprehensive planning, fund development and program development services to a variety of customers throughout Michigan and the Midwest.  If you need a plan, let us hatch it.